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Live at The Crosses

Live At The Crosses
Front Cover: Live At The Crosses
Live At The Crosses
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  • Title:Live at The Crosses
  • Format:Compact Disc
  • Purchase Price:$15.00 + postage


  1. 30-sec I Can Call Jesus
  2. 30-sec Wayfaring Pilgrim
  3. 30-sec Little Black Train
  4. 30-sec Me & God
  5. 30-sec After all These Years
  6. 30-sec Paul & Peter Walked
  7. 30-sec Three Wooden Crosses
  8. 30-sec Be Assured
  9. 30-sec I'll Fly Away
  10. 30-sec I Am The Vine
  11. 30-sec Sky Full of Angels
  12. 30-sec Shield of Faith
  13. 30-sec Clinch Mt. Backstep (Inst)
  14. 30-sec My Rock
  15. 30-sec Farside Banks of Jordan
  16. 30-sec Going Up Home/Green Pastures

An Evening of Fellowship at the Church of the Valley in Strasburg, VA

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