A Christian Bluegrass Band

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A New Day Dawning

A New Day Dawning
Front Cover: A New Day Dawning
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  • Title:A New Day Dawning
  • Format:Compact Disc
  • Purchase Price:$15.00 + postage


  1. 30-sec Cotton Dan
  2. 30-sec I Can't Say Goodbye
  3. 30-sec A New Day Dawning
  4. 30-sec Going Home
  5. 30-sec Using My Bible for a Roadmap
  6. 30-sec Pikeville Flood
  7. 30-sec I Play the Fool
  8. 30-sec Gold Dust Woman
  9. 30-sec Green Pastures in the Sky
  10. 30-sec I Am The Vine
  11. 30-sec Wild Wind
  12. 30-sec I Love You Lord

Featuring Vocalist: Terri Kreitzer, this CD was produced by Mr. J.D. Crowe, legendary banjoist and IBMA Hall of Honor member. The project was recorded at Hilltop Recording Studio in Nashville, TN and was engineered by Mr. Steve Chandler in April 2006.

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