A Christian Bluegrass Band

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Faith & Family

Faith & Family
Front Cover: Faith & Family
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  • Title:Faith & Family
  • Format:Compact Disc
  • Purchase Price:$15.00 + postage


  1. 30-sec Learning To Be More Like You
  2. 30-sec Old Sinner Like Me
  3. 30-sec Dollar Angel
  4. 30-sec Bought And Paid
  5. 30-sec I Was There
  6. 30-sec Even At The Door
  7. 30-sec Grandpa's Table Grace
  8. 30-sec Wealthy Man
  9. 30-sec Inside A Prayer
  10. 30-sec Sit Down With Jesus
  11. 30-sec Fifty Years Together
  12. 30-sec After All These Years

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