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"Faith & Family" It's Here!!!

CD Release Date April 19, 2011

New CD is available!  Visit the Online Store and order your copy today!

"All4Hym--one of my absolute favorite groups to hear sing gospel music!  They are one of my favs when programming meaningful songs on my play list. “Learning to Be Like You” fits their music style, their lifestyle and their choice to be uplifting with their songs - You need to learn to love them like I do! " – Gracie Muldoon,

ALL4Hym has taken a wonderful song by Jerry Salley & Dee Gaskins and given us another wonderful gospel number to enjoy in the style we’ve come to expect from this fine family based band.  Cory Kreitzer’s lead vocals tell the story in a manner well suited to deliver a message so appropriate for this time in which we live. - Bob Host, Stained Glass Bluegrass WAMU’s Bluegrass Country

“Sung straight from the heart, ‘Learning to Be Like You’ shows the role faith plays in our every day lives.” - Katy Daley, WMAU,

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