A Christian Bluegrass Band

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Band Members

Terri Kreitzer

Lead Vocals

Terri signs a hat
Terri signs a fan's hat

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  • Nickname
  • BirthdayJune 12th
  • Fave BandThe Eagles
  • Fave ColorPurple

Most All4Hym songs feature Terri as lead vocalist. Having grown up singing in choir, talent shows and at weddings, Terri's says that she was strongly influenced by the singing styles of Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Julie Andrews.

Terri is also a songwriter and closet bass player. She has a 1936 King Mortone Bass that she loves to bow (in what was, until now, a secret.)

"I've been a big fan for several years now, totally mesmerized by Terri’s sweet angelic vocals."Dave Higgs, NPR Radio
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